1450 Entertainment to Host Abditive Films

1450 Entertainment has officially announced their intent to diversify their main division by introducing a new division dedicated to short films and new media titled “Abditive Films”.

Abditive will function under the umbrella of 1450 Entertainment but will allow the company to use their main stay to focus on theatrical and television projects while being more flexible and mobile when working with impending partnerships to develop interesting and exciting short films, with new and inspiring filmmakers, as well as projects geared specifically towards new media and the internet.

“Abditive is a fun idea for us because it allows us the opportunity to dabble and experiment with some types of projects that we might not usually entertain as a company with 1450. We’re looking forward to being able to not only build an exciting brand, but also build relationships with writers, directors, actors and crew that will hopefully follow suit on or larger projects.”

Two New Writing Projects

As if starting 2015 off with a slate of over 40 projects in waiting wasn’t enough, Rian has begun work on two entirely new, and decidedly separate scripts. Both feature scripts are intended as projects for 1450 Entertainment, thought the possibility of a joint production hasn’t been ruled out yet either.

The first script is a rom-dram (romantic drama) that’s said to be in part, loosely biographical, while the second is a spec re-write of an overlooked and sadly forgotten gem from the 80’s. Rian will continue to develop and write both scripts in tandem with working on the new feature project for Drop Dead Films.

New Drop Dead Films Project

Rian has officially signed on to producer another project for writer/director Joey Lanai and his production company Drop Dead Films. Details of the project are being kept extremely guarded at the moment, however we do know Rian will be working as the lead producer with Lanai starring in the lead role. This project also reunites the duo with long time collaborator Richmond Riedel of Battlefish Productions. Lanai stared in Riedel’s previous feature film “Target Practice” as well as a promotional piece titled “What Tigers Do” that Rian also produced.

This project will mark the fifth time Rian and Joey have worked together including “Two”, “The Disappointment of Jonathan Bender” in which Lanai won the award for best director, “Domestic Disturbance” and “The Price”.